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The world moves on even when you stop.

Just a child.
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Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.

The world moved on whilst you stopped,
Never waiting, never reminiscing,
Those you once knew moved on too,
Never remembering, never seeking.

I remember the day you awoke,
Neither smiling, nor crying,
It anguished me so to see you,
In a state neither living, nor dying.

In time, you learned how to feel,
Be it only sobbing, only grieving,
And I had wiped away those tears,
Always berating, always chiding.

I have forgotten that very day,
When you no longer cried, and smiled,
One would have thought I loved that day,
But it would be one I loathed, one I hated.

You smiled at the tears, but hid them in your heart,
You laughed with everyone, but you cried alone.
Though you had smiled at me, and said it was alright,
I knew it wasn't the truth, it wasn't at all.

I could only stand by as you walked away,
Watching you go, watching you leave,
It seemed to everyone that you walked in the sunlight,
But it was lost on you; you were lost in its shadows.

When I saw you last, all seemed well,
Yet you had been alone; you had been quiet,
I had longed to hug you, to hold you in my arms,
But fear stopped my hand; sorrow stopped my heart.

You rejected the world, a sad smile on your face,
And I had caused it, I had cast you aside,
I regret the words I said, and the results it gave,
Now I know what I want; all I want is you.


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