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Critique/planning post!

I didn't need to do this until now because I've been fairly lenient with whoever interacts with Arinori, but the crit and my own doubts made me realize that I do need to plan things out with people more than just on AIM because of my weird time zone and more importantly because there are a whole lot of issues I have to work out with people since Arinori is... you know, borderline insane and I'd rather not have that happen but it's aggravating at the same time because I hate having to avoid certain posts that could help him develop better.

So, this post serves a dual purpose: You can give critique, or alternatively plan things out with me. Yeah, that's about it.

It's that time again!

Note: This post is future-dated and it will be updated consistently as I find some other pointless thing to write about. Reading this might result in a boost to your Academics, a palm to your face or both, in addition to kicking Arinori because Murphy's Law is clearly living inside him.

First, we'll have an updated application. It's not complete.Collapse )

Murphy's Law, in person?Collapse )

Favorites and what not.Collapse )

Ask if you want to know anything specifically.


Hello to whoever would actually need to contact me (unless you're my aunt, then just stop annoying me).
I'll get back to your message as soon as possible, but please be aware that the phrase itself can be misleading and I can put off replying to you as much as I'd like.
That's all.

[OOC] Notes.

As the entry title indicates, all of the information in this entry doesn't relate to the RP. Let's just say it's a sort of reference for me and you can take a look if you want.
(Also, this is to remind me that I actually need more journal entries to fully reflect his personality >_>.)

Because some of us like to blab on forever about things that look academic.Collapse )

...I swear there's a point to this. Really.
(To be continued)

*Sob forever* (Astrology reading)

So I came across this astrology site a long time ago and I rediscovered the link: http://www.astro.ch. You need a birth time and location for it to be more accurate though, but some of the stuff you can get is hilarious!

[OOC] Stat post.

Statistics.Collapse )

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Since my wiki page is too big, I'm going to take out some of the things and post it here instead. Nothing much to see; it's all incomplete or unimportant stuff.

Look anyway?Collapse )